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🎂 Candy Celebrations - Week I: Collect Golden Crowns

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Dear Candy Crushers,

Let's get the party started! 🥳

Our dear Tiffi is going to bake delicious cupcakes for all of you, Candy Crushers! But she needs some help with the toppings.

🎂 Candy Celebrations - Week I: Collect Golden Crowns.

🗓️ Dates: starting on Wednesday, Nov 4th – Monday, Nov 9th.

👑👑 Objective: Collect Golden Crowns in all levels so Tiffi can add them as toppings for the best cupcakes ever!

  • How do you collect a Golden Crown?
  • You need to pass a level at the first try, without losing a life. Then you will win a Golden Crown. 🙌
  • The harder you compete the faster you move through the ranking and the further up the leaderboard you go. ​
  • Use your skills and show them how it's done!​
  • ​Reach the top 10 to claim delicious rewards at the end of the Candy Celebrations!


🏆 Rewards:

  • Top 1 rewards: 1 Free Switch Hand, 1 Candy Hammer, 1 UFO and 1h Unlimited Lives
  • Top 2 & 3 rewards: 3h Color Bombs, 1 Swedish Fish and 1 Candy Hammer
  • Top 4 & 5 reward: 1 Coconut Wheel
  • Top 6 - 10 rewards: 1 Striped & Wrapped Candy​

That's all for now, Candy Crushers!

➡️➡️ Are you ready to have fun and help Tiffi collecting Golden Crowns?! 🙌 Share your daily progress on your Leaderboard with the community and celebrate your progress!!

Good luck everyone and happy Candy Celebrations!! 🍬🍬


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