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🗳️ Community Poll & Feedback: Candy Celebrations Week I - did you have fun?🎂

Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

Dear community,

As you know, the first week of Candy Celebrations event ended today. For all the Week I information, go HERE.

Also, don't forget to share how many Golden Crowns did you manage to claim! (HERE)

We all really hope you had fun and enjoy it! 🙌  Now, we'd love to hear your feedback.  📮📮

  • What do you think about the event mechanics?
  • What do you think about the length of the event (5 days event)?
  • How about the rewards? 
  • And, how about the design and artwork for Candy Celebrations - Week I ?

Vote one of the options below and also share all your feedback in the comments!! We look forward to reading your opinions. 🌟

Have a delicious day and see you around the forum. 🍬🍬

🗳️ Community Poll & Feedback: Candy Celebrations Week I - did you have fun?🎂 244 votes

Yes, I loved it!
Filly_McBeanSharon_LooseNeetster1Jessicaa_Welch[Deleted User]jeanpsmowieits4melyngDeepshikhaSharanSofia1992thessaoMarzia333davesmithDwesson1383ulrikebaltrumKandykayosanto_chris97lhalhanikki24 178 votes
Yes, it was ok.
Marilyn_N_SteveWerner_CichyKingChewynylaJahnaviSupergrl[Deleted User]kmartina837rosemariepahayo1teresawallace44EmadMohamedJdaniellietinharajdeeptbGertrudStrikerpappanocintiafepa2grandbabiesquavo4merwe 48 votes
No, it was very difficult.
kiara_waelVon_3brightstar1siti_payungDieOmimilovingmypetsracoon1968WonderlandCentury789CandyCrusher8156642982kirsty29nabeelalareegialexander917emeraldcrusherLordRolameeshellmohammad_hajifernandasoufada 18 votes


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