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Stuck at 8764

Not enough moves to complete for I can’t clear all Rainbow Rapids because it’s more waffles and marmalade’s on board! And it’s very low moves for all blockers must removed! Please nerf this level!


  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,278 Level 5
    edited February 2021

    Hey there, welcome to the forum; & maybe this one gets nerfed, or maybe not.

    But just watch this video in the meantime & see how that player did it, YMMV; may the candies (& cherries) similarly fall in your favour.

    Give it another try; have fun, enjoy...

  • pinlock
    pinlock Posts: 64 Level 2

    It’s been made harder in the last few days and it’s impossible to do without boosters in the 20 moves,,I,passed it using the wheel booster and a couple of hammers...as Ive run out of games to play untill Wednesday I e been trying all day to pass this level without boosters and I don’t think it can be done,,why make an insanely hard level even harder and it’s not even classed as a hard level

  • CindySparling
    CindySparling Posts: 13 Level 2

    Looks nothing like your video now Spieler, not yesterday when you posted it -- not today. Many waffles, licorice and candies are gummed to start. WHY?????

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,278 Level 5

    OK; so that vid from MsCookieKirby (posted on 12 Feb., a whole three days ago) has already been rendered obsolete, due to the level being changed.

    But maybe a few more comments of other players also having problems here would help to move the needle a bit & get the level nerfed to a more reasonable version.

    People, let your voices be heard.

    Let's see what happens...

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