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    Hello and welcome, the support category is for questions related to issues or stuck on a level. If you are having an issue, please remember to tell what happened. If you write "Greedy Crooks" because you didn't get a purchase:

    Please email Player Support so they can check up what happened.

    Open the game on mobile and go to the game's Start Menu, then Settings - Help Center - Purchases & Gold Bars - Contact us and send them an email. When sending an email directly from the game, Player Support will automatically get your purchase history and all transactions the recent 90 days.

    If you on play on Facebook on computer then use the link in the bottom of the page. Please remember to enter the exact same email that is associated to the Facebook you play on.

    If you are stuck on a level, tell which one, but here are a few tips:

    1. Take your time and focus on the board.
    2. Study the game board before and throughout the game. Always play at the lowest level of the game board to enable more candies to drop from the top.
    3. The above will give you opportunity to create special candies such as striped/wrapped candies or color bomb. Combining a color bomb with either a striped or wrapped candy will destroy any blockers.
    4. Activate the hint under the setting. This is a helpful tool as it highlights candies formation that you may have missed out especially color bombs.
    5. Stay calm and be patient.

    If you are not having an event, it's because it is a test feature and is unavailable to many players. Try to Check App update> Sign out game> Restart device and wait 5 minutes after power on> Open game and sign in. Please clear the cache if using a browser.

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    We are not king, we are players who help or advise other players in this community with problems. If you have a problem, as I can tell from your 2 words. Please write us this in more detail. We may be able to help you if you let us.

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    @sweetlew Hi and welcome, As explained by @Werner_Cichy The community is not part of the game studio. We have no input in to the game. We are just players of the game like yourself that try to help and assist people with there issues and help with tips.

    If you have a complaint you should contact customer support

    Thank you

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    What exactly is this customer support you speak of? All I've ever gotten was an auto response telling me to come here. *eye roll*

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    @steinein Hi, If you get an automated response reply to it help needed and hopefully you should then get a reply from them. Again not part of the community, but there are certain things we cannot help with which you need to go through customer support for. Like getting levels restored, refunds etc

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