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*Level 8928 - Has a *Loop Issue! *Plus Other Issues! - *By Origins7_Dale

Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑

Hi @Pounawea @Crazy Cat Lad @Sukanta_Biswas @kiara_wael @Yosca @Pitty_Kitty @Werner_Cichy @Albert_Heinrich @Peter_Tornaros @Scooterpie, @Freddy_Falkner @Diamond Lim, @Glenn1972,

Think that is enough of you, may have left someone out. But know you will get the word out. Before I get to the *Loop issue on Level 8928, let's back up to the other issues in this *45 New Level Release on 2/24/2021, then go in order on each issue, leading up to the loop.

I am tired, & haven't finished these levels yet. Including replaying Level 8928. Not looking forward to it, since in the past, it cost me more on replaying these loops.

Here are my notes on things, taken as they happened.

  • *Level 8908 - Lost Candy Necklace Win Streak - Level wouldn't give / drop last 4 Bubblegum Pop 4-Layered Blockers! *Even bought 5 moves for 10 Gold Bars, still a no-show! *Now need *Sugar Stars, over 300,000 points or so! *Got it! Cost me *Boosters tho! Took 2nd on High Score List!

  • *Level 8923 - Lost Candy Necklace Win Streak again - Level wouldn't give / drop last 3 Cherries! *Now need *Sugar Stars again. Need 200,000 for it. Will the cherries drop? Got it! Cost me *Boosters again. Even took 1st on High Score List!

  • *Level 8928 - Has a *Loop Issue! Cherries go thru bottom middle portal, to top right portal on bottom, & never stop! Lost my Candy Necklace Win Streak again. Need to do *Sugar Stars again. About 200,000 or so! Have to close game to stop it. Then replay.

  • Level 8928 - Has a Loop Issue! Cherries go thru bottom middle portal, to top right portal on bottom, & never stops! - CCS - Origins7 Dale 

Also, you can believe this, I again want some form of *Compensation on these losses. Been asking both *Saga CM's @Pounawea & @Crazy Cat Lad for a year now, & yet, still no answer. This issue of *Compensation for the players loss, is not going away gentleman. Might not like it, may chose to ignore it, but it is still there. Regardless of what you believe, people still look for an explanation of what happened in their lives, by what previously happened in it. The players are not mistaken one bit on this. Every week consistently, the Studio or someone in it, keeps releasing things to us, untested. While science is not normal to a culture, because it has formal laws that have to be taught.

Well that's about it. Too tired to post anymore. Going to go to bed. I'll let you guys & gals take it over from here. Maybe when I wake up, it will be fixed.

Take Care All - Origins7 Dale, 😀




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