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NassorhilmyNassorhilmy Posts: 83 Level 2

مش فاهم معنى الشروط والاحكام لان دة لعبة ومنافسة علي الحصول علي الذهب ليه عقيدات دة وشكرا


  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Hello and welcome, please note that only English is allowed in this section so we can all be understood. Please repost your question in English. Thank you.

    @kiara_wael @Sukanta_Biswas

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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,528 Candy Moderator

    Welcome back to the King Community.

    According to the community guidelines only English language would be accepted here and it was necessary for everyone to understand each other's problems or statements.😊 You can create a new post in English using google translator.

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