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  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 988 Level 3

    Back a few weeks ago, I used the same strategy as you @Peter_Tornaros. I would finish the new levels in about three days and on the other days I would save up as many boosters as possible from every possible source and use them on the Hard, Super Hard, and Nightmarishly Hard levels only the next week.

    Unfortunately, the levels were so hard last week, it took me 8 days to get through and I also used up all my boosters and had no free days to build them back up. Some of the “easy” levels were so hard I ended up using boosters on them too. One “easy” level was so hard I ended up using my one and only party booster to pass it.

    So here I am on this week’s levels with zero boosters of any kind to use. The only booster I have is the coconut wheel, and even that booster has been hobbled by not spanning the entire board when started over a striped candy. With no pregame boosters, candy hammers, hand switches, or UFO’s, these levels are brutally difficult. Any boosters I win are immediately used and lost, and my F5 team is terrible. I haven’t won the F5 boosters in months now.

    So I am at the mercy of lucky boards to get past even the “easy” levels and it has just gotten a bit discouraging.

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  • LindQLindQ Posts: 460 Kingster

    We will be tweaking down quite a few levels from this release today, since this release had quite few easy levels and some tricky pink levels as well. So in a few hours we will have some new versions out. We hear you, we don't want you to feel defeated by the levels, we want them to feel fun. Hopefully some slight tweaks will help 😊

    I work with designing and maintaining levels within Candy Crush Saga. Please feel free to ask me about levels, or tell me your favorites!

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 988 Level 3

    Hello @LindQ

    After so much complaining, I thought I would give you some more positive feedback. I finally finished the third new episode this week, ending in level 9215. It took me seven days to complete the 45 new levels this week, but at least I got them done before the new levels were released.

    The good news is that I think your team hit the sweet spot (pardon the pun) on the third episode, levels 9201-9215. I don’t know if you tweaked any of these levels before I played them, but I think you were spot on with the difficulty. It still took me a whole day to finish this third episode. I only passed two or three levels on the first try, and most of the rest took between three and eight tries to pass. The most important factor was that the levels that took multiple tries to pass were at least very close when failed, like just needing 1 to 4 more moves to finish. This made the levels seem challenging but also provided a sense satisfaction when finally successful.

    If you can tune future episodes to play like levels 9201-9215 I’ll keep coming back for more. Even the non-Samantha levels were fun in this episode, and almost every episode featuring Samantha was fun in the last three episodes. The only Samantha episode I didn’t care for was the one where she was locked up right in the center of the board. It took too long to get her into play which limited strategy choices.

    Thanks for tweaking the levels to make them more playable.

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