No Valid Switches?! - Don't immediately fail the level...

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I feel a level should not immediately fail if it cannot shuffle any valid switches.

It should give a new option to use an in-level booster (if they have one) to try and continue and after using one, if there are still no valid switches, attempt a shuffle and see if a move/forced match can be created. If still none can be done, still give the player an option to use an in-level booster to try and continue, or end game.

There have been cases where win streak AND starting boosters together ended up causing a level to fail at the start because none of the specials are next to one another and there are no valid switches.

Perhaps we can start a level, see what it looks like and perhaps then we able to decide starting boosters? I know we have had events where we were able to purposely add boosters to a live level before. (e.g. perhaps add 3 color bombs and 2 coconut wheels to a level, etc.)

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    Hi @JeffMakesGames I could be wrong, but isn't your idea very similar to an idea that is already active. I have linked the idea below. See what you think.


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    Hello and welcome

    Something like this has been posted many times and always rejected. Check out Tiffy's library. thanks


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    Hello @JeffMakesGames - as mentioned above - this has already been suggested - just under another title. So I encourage you to vote for that idea (Oops game over- 2nd try).

    So I am closing this idea at this time.

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