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Why do we have to use timed boosters immediately? Often I get them when I am about to go to work or when I have no lives remaining.

Why can’t we save them to use later- even if it’s only for 24 hours?

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 18,501 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome

    This has been suggested many times. Please go to Tiffy's library. Unfortunately it was always canceled because it cannot be saved. Once they run, they can't be stopped.

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  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 1,895 Level 4

    Hello @DextertheDog I totally understand where you are coming from. Timed boosters always seem to be provided just when you can't make any use of them. Just played thirty levels, and have no time left for more? Here is a one hour colour bomb.

    Unfortunately as Spinnifix has said the desire to pause, or save a timed booster has been a very popular idea. The idea is that popular it has been added to the Master List of Ideas as an idea that should no longer be submitted.

    Here is what the Master List of Ideas has to say:


    Please note that many ideas get duplicated several times, therefore, below please find a list of topics that need not be addressed since these topics have been archived (will not be implemented)

    Fantastic Five (any discussion on this event), Fish, Go to level (vote HERE for original idea), Levels (anything to do with lives or asking for level changes is not an idea/post it in the Discussion area), Lives (all, including asking for shorter time or more lives), Moves, Rewards for being at the top (the studio is always working on events with rewards), Sharing (lives or boosters with friends), Timed boosters (they are on a clock so once the clock starts ticking it runs until time runs out), Wheel (the wheel was updated not too long ago).

    Please do not create new ideas on any of these listed above. Please feel free to check out Tiffi's Idea Library for additional archived ideas. Thank you.



  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 11,453 Candy Moderator

    Hello @DextertheDog a d welcome to our friendly community! I too understand your frustration. Unfortunately as has been mentioned above by both @Spinnifix and @Alienscar - this has been brought up multiple times in the past and the studio does not plan to implement something like this at this time.

    I am going to close this idea at this time.

    However I hope you take the time to explore the community and enjoy what it has to offer including interesting discussions, fun activities and contests, and tips and help with difficult levels or issues with your game. 😊

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