why are there Bots in Crusher League

Joe_V_Joe_V_ Posts: 7 Level 2

I was in 1st place with 60000 lead over 2nd place and 110000 ahead of 3rd place ,with less than 5 hours to play, only to see I finished 2nd behind Player that wasn't on the leader board when I quit. (not to mention they would have needed over 160000 in 5 hours to pass me) that's 533 Blue droplet per minute this game is BS


  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,179 Level 5

    I am not totally sure @Joe_V_, but one explanation for what has happened is that the player that came first was playing offline so that you couldn't see their progress until they logged on.

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  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 1,760 Level 4

    @Joe_V_ No every one that is doing better result than you is a Bot.Β Try to collect more next time and you will be first

  • Joe_V_Joe_V_ Posts: 7 Level 2

    Alienscar, My understanding is that progress is not saved unless played on line, Tzvi_Marcu, as for doing better, This is the first time that I didn't finish in first place, ( I've always had over 40,000 lead before quitting at the 5 hour mark, this usually wins)

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,179 Level 5

    @Joe_V_ I couldn't say for sure, as the offline explanation is just offered everytime your sort of issue is highlighted. My understanding is that people play offline and then save their progress when they think/know they have done enough to beat everyone else.

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 11,400 Community Manager

    Hi @Joe_V_ !

    I can assure you that there are no bots or AI players in the game. All players are real players from around the world.

    Players who hasn't connected or saved their game on Facebook or a King account, will simply be called as 'Player'.

    The scores or collected points may have up to 12h of delay in the system at times. Meaning, your opponents points do not appear in your game until hours later. Therefore the scores can jump from zero to hero.

    Usually they get updated frequently, but sometimes there are connection issues and lots of traffic jam in the system which causes these delays.

  • Joe_V_Joe_V_ Posts: 7 Level 2

    Crazy Cat Lad, let us assume what you say is true, given a 12 hour window, and knowing "Player" never appeared on my leader board in 4 days of play, and "Player" is in 6th place on my leader board behind (Louie?)that still would have put them over 185,252 Droplets behind me when I quit playing. (185252/12hrs.=15,437per hr./60mins.=257per min. That's 257 PER MINUTE to catch me. what I deem an IMPOSSIBLE FEAT. no matter how well you play.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,179 Level 5

    'Player' hasn't had twelve hours to collect their total though. They have had the same four days you have had. The difference is they played offline, so you couldn't see their progress on your leader board at all.

    Joueur is French for player.

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @Joe_V_ Hi and welcome

    Not had this so not 100% totally sure but on everyone of these i have played. If collecting on current new levels you normally get 10x the amount collected . So if this is the case you math would be wrong

    Last dexters challenge collecting green candies i did over 240,000 in a day and that was over a few hours on new levels

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