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🐈‍⬛ Black Cat Appreciation Day with Licorise

Crazy Cat Lad
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17 August is the National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Black cats intend to have a negative and mysterious rumor and spell around them. In matter of fact all black cats are as cute, cuddly and nice as any other cats. Just like Licorise! The most playful and sweet cat in Candy Kingdom!

To celebrate this National Black Cat Appreciation Day, post a picture of your cat if you have a black cat at home.

If you aren't a black cat owner, take a pic of your neighbor's or friend's cat!

No cats around?

Hmmm... Play any of the levels next to Licorise in Gummy Gardens on the Saga map and post your score from the level instead (the level completed message after playing the level).

All black cat pics and Gummy Garden level scores will get this Candy Black Cat Day badge:

Remember to post your pic or screenshot before Friday 20th August! The badge is only available the week until 20 August 2021.



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