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king sued over deleted lives

startopazstartopaz Posts: 14 Level 2

May of 2017 king.com ltd was sued in a class action suit over their deletion of donated lives and lost. The are still deleting donated lives and claiming that is is because your cach needs to be cleared. King ltd makes in excess of 83,000.00 a month from in game purchases. Why are they still deleting donated lives? Are they that greedy? I would love to know players thoughts on this issue.


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  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,166 Level 5
    edited September 15

    Hi @startopaz As far as I can tell this class act has been going on since 2015 and it was in 2017 that King lost their motion to dismiss. This means that the case is still ongoing and King hasn't lost anything yet.

    The case relates to people losing lives that Facebook friends have sent them, arguing that they have been harmed by the loss and forced into buying lives.

    I am not a lawyer, but I can't see how a game that is free to play with lives that are also free can cause someone harm if they lose though free lives.

    If anyone is being greedy I would say it is the entitled people that think that they are owed something when they lose something that is free.

    The harder part of the argument is the 'forced' into paying bit. There is an example of a player saying that they played the game for ten hours, and because they lost their donated lives they were forced to buy more. The difficult thing here is that even though the lives lost were free their is good evidence that Candy Crush is addictive because it is designed to exploit weaknesses that exist in some people's minds.

    This being the case by taking away free lives it could be said that King are forcing players' to buy lives as they are fully aware of the addictive nature of Candy Crush.

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 11,382 Community Manager

    Hi @startopaz !

    No one is deliberately going into game and deleting lives or any other in-game items. Lives and Boosters are saved directly on the device and can therefore be lost due technical issues or crashes.

    If you ever lose any purchased items our Player Support are happy to replace them. Simply contact them through the game's Settings and Help Center. Any free items lost cannot be replaced or refunded as per the terms and conditions that you accepted when starting to play the game.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,166 Level 5

    @Crazy Cat Lad No one is deliberately going into game and deleting lives or any other in-game items. 

    The judge that dismissed King's motion to dismiss obviously disagrees with you. Do you really think that millions of people that have Facebook suffer from the exact same technical fault that mysteriously only removes donated lives from Candy Crush?

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