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Changing Difficulty in levels

Nigel_CleavesNigel_Cleaves Posts: 39 Level 2

I am playing 9886. This has just been changed to nightmarish hard. Yesterday I had played 9883 which was also nightmarish hard. Can KING try not to change levels mid game and disadvantage players. I like many posters in my FACEBOOK group are in the process of leaving this game because some levels can only now be passed with extensive boosters. I myself make a point of having some ready for each nightmarish hard level in each section. It's unfair to players when these extra hard levels often change their status!


  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 483 Level 3

    The levels don't always get redesigned when the marking of the level changes.

  • pinlockpinlock Posts: 64 Level 2

    I agree it’s unfair that they make most levels harder after the first few weeks of release..I doubt they made level 9883 any easier either but I’m afraid we just have to accept that out of the 15 levels in an episode usually about 13 of them are insanely hard whether there marked hard or nor,,I’ve found some that are marked nightmare hard are easier than some not marked hard at all…I quit the game last month as I found the levels absolutely ridiculous but came back after I was offered 100 gold bars and other boosters to do so….maybe if more quit the game they would make the levels easier and enjoyable like they used to be

  • parlady99parlady99 Posts: 210 Level 3

    I understand as we get to higher levels that the game would get harder. What I don't understand is why King has to change every level after the few "privileged" get to play it and pass. It would be nice if some levels could just stay as they were planned.  

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