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💻📱📅 How many levels are in Candy Crush Saga? Information per platform (2020 & 2021)



  • manimarahar
    manimarahar Posts: 51 Level 2
  • Crazy Cat Lad
    Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,123 Community Manager

    New levels out now!

    An extra episode released on all platforms this week!

    💻️ 10 325 levels available on Windows 10

    📱🌐 10 220 levels on other platforms

    Today's update 22 September 2021 features...

    Facebook, iOS, Android and other mobile devices:

    Episodes 679 - 682 with levels 10 161 - 10 220.

    Windows 10 app:

    Episodes 686 - 689 with levels 10 265 - 10 325.

    Leave feedback about the levels 10 265 - 10 325 directly to the level designers and Game Team HERE.

    All Stars US! Become the first American Candy Crush All Star. All details HERE.

    💜 Heartfelt Harvest! All players outside the US that are not able to play the All Stars event can play all the events HERE instead.

    🐟️🐈️ Fishing Tournament with Licorise - Badges and Gold Bars to win HERE!

    🏆️ All contests to Win Gold Bars and more HERE!

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    60 instead of 45 when it was practically impossible to complete 45 last week.

    Noticed number of complaints has risen dramatically over the last few weeks and that you don’t seem to be listening to players.

    My new levels have started at 10161. Moves have been reduced AGAIN compared to the videos. I’ve had 15 attempts so far and not passed. I would have with the 3 extra moves that the videos have. WHY does EVERY level only start with 20 moves. Even levels that aren’t even graded can’t be done.

    Good job on destroying this game

    Why not just tell players the truth about why you are doing this

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I don’t expect to pass levels first time but I remember posting months ago that levels were taking 15/20 attempts to pass. I was told that wasn’t true.

    10161 just took me 16 attempts and I’ve had 15 attempts on 10162 without coming close. I’ve also seen someone posted that they passed 10162 on their 35th attempt.

    please explain your lies and explain how this makes the game enjoyable when all we’re doing is sitting around waiting for lucky boards and it’s down to you when you ALLOW us to pass levels

  • Ah_Kwang
    Ah_Kwang Posts: 230 Level 3


    I have cleared above the 10000 mark.. Last week games were about the most difficult I have experienced. The reason was the average number of moves per game was reduced to 23. Almost impossible to game without the UFO. Took me 4 days to complete all 45 levels. Imagine this week they give you 60 levels. I may be forced to give up as I ran out of boosters. They are forcing you to buy and buy. Disgusting.

  • Ayzone81
    Ayzone81 Posts: 5 Level 2
  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    10162 took me 43 attempts and I gave in and used 3 lollipops 2 switches and a UFO. I’ve only completed 5 levels since yesterday out of 60 and that’s been playing on 3 platforms ( iPhone iPad and laptop). It’s really not funny anymore. I’ve only a few boosters left so If nothing changes I may just use them up then quit. Its absolutely disgraceful they way they are treating players who have stuck with them to reach this far. It just shows what type of company they really are.

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Quit now. You’ll just waste your time. The game has been destroyed by idiotic designers

    You’ll find out the farther you progress

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    When are you going to start listening to your players complaints and act on them. Levels used to be hard but fun to play. Now you’re putting out 15 more levels and they are BORING and IMPOSSIBLE to complete. I used to be able to do all levels in 4/5 days, now I’m lucky if I do 4/5 levels in 4/5 DAYS. I started new levels yesterday (60 of them) and I’ve completed 6

    10161- 16 attempts

    10162- 43 attempts plus 2 lollipops 2 switches 1 UFO ( because I got fed up playing it)

    10163- 1st attempt

    10164- 11 attempts

    10165- 1st attempt

    10166- 23 attempts with plenty boosters

    10167- 27 attempts and counting

    I’m playing on 3 different platforms and getting nowhere. All you care about now is MONEY, but you’re forgetting your loyal players

    Nobody expects to pass 1st time and we like a challenge, but these levels are BORING, MONOTONOUS and a WASTE of TIME if its taking all these attempts to pass 6 levels. It never used to be like this.

    Get it fixed and make it worth playing again

  • harmik
    harmik Posts: 21 Level 2

    Main 10125 level par kar chuka hun

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