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I quit Candy after 9 years playing

LuicLuic Posts: 41 Level 2

Now I am at level 10048. This is not the game that I used to love. I beguin to play in 2012.

Since 2020 Candy Crush changed the algorithm that makes the levels harder, the game become unfair and unpleasant.

It's unpleasant that if you have many boosters the levels are more difficult (I love to play without use any booster).

It's unfair that in the same level, for you, the algorithm makes harder because you pass your levels quickie, but for your friend was easy because he has no booster.

I know that you are not going to return the game to how it was at the beginning, nor are you going to put options so that the algorithm adapts to the game of each person (easy, medium, difficult)

I am very disappointed and tired. I have had enough, I have decided to quit the game and delete my account. I will look for a similar game more fair.

Good bye to every body, I've been very happy playing the game until you changed.



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