How do I get anywhere with level 1081? Absurd!

This level is very frustrating and of course has taken all the fun out of the game.  Cannot create anything to aid in the progress.


  • Pete_PeppersPete_Peppers Posts: 329

    Hi Connie. I struggled with 1081 in Candy Crush Saga too. In the end I finally got the board I needed though, so hang in there. Hope you get it soon, good luck!

  • Ian_StevensonIan_Stevenson Posts: 1
    edited July 2015

    I agree Connie. I thought level 974 was bad, but this one is just stupid. The blocks you need to destroy require far too many hits, there are limited opportunities to make combos and then, to top it all off, they introduce bombs! Horrible level and absolutely zero fun.

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