Level 1072 Programmers help required. Glitch

BoobooBooboo Posts: 15

Programmers help required with Level 1072. It has a bug/glitch.  Told to collect 19 red candies which are hidden behind special candies.  However, the last candy does not get counted and there are no more to collect so I can't move on from here. I've played it several times, collecting all the candies on the board but one is not counting as being collected.  I counted 19 candies before I played so they were there in the first place.  King Care....Please help fix this issue ASAP. I'm playing on iPad 4. 


  • aCeaCe Posts: 1,442

    I've seen a few videos of this level and I haven't seen any issues. Head on over to youtube and check out the videos: 

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