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Unsucessful level desginers🤦🏻‍♂️

unknownh24g Posts: 1,127 Level 4

I wonder why King is having thismuch unsucessful level designers.

Even their life(s) are also totally unsucessful. Unsucessful nonsense meaningless level like this will represent this very well. And also this depicts that the one who created this level is unsucessful, nonsense and meaningless. What is the use of such a person to create levels? They never create good levels, because they are unsucessful. Simply this level designer called to be brainless.

Playrix makes levels better than King. Their levels are balanced(some are easy, some are hard and very hard) but never are unpassable without boosters. It's an option to use or not use boosters in their games. They can make good levels, because they got good brains unlike King.

If you can't make levels better, give it to playrix, they'll make them in the best play where a player can pass without boosters.


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