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Magic_Mixer Posts: 255 Level 4
edited March 2022 in Off-Topic

Today is the national Upside Down Bedside Drawer day.

This is the day where we remember that we should try new things, think outside the box, hence the name of the day.

What are your thoughts on this day?🤔

What are you going to do today? 🤔🤔

Are you going to do nothing?😴Are you going to put your bedside drawer upside down like I did? 😀 Or are you going to fully embrace this day's spirit and move your bathroom furniture in the kitchen?😎

What new things are you going to experience? Because life is all about trying new things! Now write down your answers to this discussion, and tell me your thoughts about this!

See you back next week for the Water Drop Falling Upwards From The Bathroom Sink Day!😉



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