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Can't sync with facebook

Adele-2 Posts: 1 Newbie

im on level 384 when I'm signed into king but since a recent update when I sign in through facebook it puts me back to level one.  I've also lost all my facebook friends, and the leader board that is usually on the left of my iPad screen doesn't show up when I'm in the game.  

'I've tried all the recommendations, followed the steps that have been advised to people with similar all my apps are updated, facebook is updated , I've signed out and back in.  Have deleted facebook then reloaded to from the App Store.  I've turned my iPad off and on etc etc

Through the process, I've  noticed that the email I use to log into is different to the one I use on facebook.  How do I keep the level I'm on and sync with Facebook? Is it possible to change the email address on king without loosing my progress? 

'I've been at this for nearly a fortnight trying to find a solution, and my patience is now starting to wear thin!! 


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