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💌 Lives inbox capacity limit



  • ewee
    ewee Posts: 39 Level 2

    Ok, thx!!! I will leT you know if it works to save the lives!

  • lillithweiss
    lillithweiss Posts: 11 Level 2

    Exactly the same problem with me and I have reported several times but nobody have fixed this. I actually was told they have nothing to do with this problem. I have noticed some people have reported the same problem regarding lives and not receiving them.

  • qqqqqq
    qqqqqq Posts: 27 Level 2

    Alienscar thank you for your comments although I have to admit I don’t understand the support process ie where you you fit in and who the Moderators are. If so many people are “complaining” why is it so difficult for the Moderators to grasp but more pertinently who is responsible for correcting or even cancelling this retrograde change

  • Soni__
    Soni__ Posts: 28 Level 2

    Yes why aren't the powers that be changing this ridiculous rule

  • De-Anna_Speed
    De-Anna_Speed Posts: 13 Level 2

    I was told by candy crush that I would only receive an extra 5 lives and that was it!!! How long is this limit going to last??? Does anyone know?

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,676 Legend
    edited July 2022

    Everyone that is on this forum can support other members of this forum if they want to qqqqqq. The Moderators are here to also offer support and to keep the forum 'tidy'. That is, the moderators will look out for off topic posts, or abusive posts and deal with them. Users that aren't moderators can't complete these actions.

    Moderators though are still just users of this forum and they do not work for King. They work on a volunteer basis.

    more pertinently who is responsible for correcting or even cancelling this retrograde change

    The only people capable of correcting the introduction of the life limit is King. No one here can do it.

    If this site worked correctly then @Crazy Cat Lad (who does work for King) should take all of the feedback from this thread and let King know how unhappy everyone is. Cat Lad can't change anything himself though that is all down to King.

    What is missing in my opinion is any real feeling of support being offered in this Support area.

    Cat Lad said if people have questions they should ask them here, but no one is answering the questions.

    Personally I think the answer to the question that is asked the most about whether this change is permanent is easy to see. If you check Cat Lad's first post in this thread you will see no apology, or promise that this change is temporary. All you see is an explanation of how your mailbox has been changed.

  • nursiepooh
    nursiepooh Posts: 343 Level 3

    Thank Alienscar for the explanation

    Can someone let King know this is getting old

    I keep getting the pop up reads I get 100 lives but nothing else changes

    I have sent over a 100 lives in the last 3 day’s requested lives 12 times from the same ppl and received maybe 3 lives in the last 5 days

    Prior to this software program insanity I was getting 20-30 per day

    Yes I received the automated email about this is what was intended to be not what players have used it for.

    Same thing happened with not being able to restart levels and not use a life.

    If they are going to do this then GET IT RIGHT or at least bring back the game fairy.

    For those “newbies” once upon a time there was a game fairy and after so many attempts at one level the game fairy would come out do a magic wand thing and you would win the level and move on.

    I have played the last 2 levels 11615 and 11616 each over 70 times, I had to use my remaining boosters to win 11615. 11616 CANNOT BE WON IN 20 moves.

    Angry birds here I come

  • qqqqqq
    qqqqqq Posts: 27 Level 2

    Alienscar thanks again, I am not surprised there is no apology King are not interested in players like me (I have never spent a penny and half the time don’t watch the adverts) they are just trying to use some blunt “cod Psychology” to try and get players like us to change our behaviour

    on that basis there will not be any apology at any stage and in my opinion the limit on lives will be a permanent feature

    i am just glad I don’t stockpile boosters as I am sure it is only a matter of time before limits are placed on how many of these you can stockpile

    the interesting thing is I fully get where they are coming from , they are a Commercial venture who are looking to maximise revenue hence why I don’t have a particular issue with the limitation (it should help with my addiction in making me play less) all I am asking is that they set the limit on my profile at 100 as they keep advising in the in-game messages

    This latest measure has caused me to reflect on how much less fun the game has become to play over the last couple of years

    i first noticed it in April 2020 in first COVID lockdown when King made a big fanfare of offering unlimited lives and then made them impossible to,pass at the same time increasing the F5 limit to 15,000 (from 5000)

    More recently certain random levels (ie not even designated as difficult)become virtually impossible to pass until you have played what feels like an unspecified large number of lives - the slight redeeming feature of this is being a relatively experienced player you can spot this fairly early and minimise the futility by quitting until you recognise a decent board

    You and I have mentioned the recent appearance of the frustrating “video not available” preventing Air Delivery, extra moves and Events

    Thanks for listening, I used to love playing this game

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,676 Legend

    @nursiepooh Can someone let King know this is getting old

    Well 63 pages of complaints is a good start in letting King know they have made the wrong choice. All we can hope for nursiepooh is that Cat Lad does his job right and pass all these complaints to King.

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