Connected to Facebook, friends and messages invisible

Since a few months, I cannot see any friends in the game anymore. I'm connected to Facebook and my gold bars and progress is updated, but I cannot see any friends and the messages button is greyed out.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting to FB, clearing cookies and cache, removong and reinstalling the CC and FB apps.

I also reset my phone to factory settings (didn't restore a backup).

I have a new phone since a week now and the same issue occurs..

What can I do to resolve this? I'm using Windows 10 Mobile, the latest public release.


  • RandleRandle Posts: 1,977

    Hey Pim,

    Sounds like you´ve done pretty much everything.

    Just double check if you have allowed the game on your Facebook, through the settings of your Facebook. Go here and select Candy Crush Saga. Then walk through the different questions and revise your answers.

  • Pim_van_DongenPim_van_Dongen Posts: 6
    edited March 2017

    There's not much to edit there, but everything seems to be ok..switching my email off and back on and changing the visibility to 'friends in stead of 'only me' didn't help.

    What happens if I remove the app there? Will I lose my progress?

  • Pim_van_DongenPim_van_Dongen Posts: 6

    Does anyone know this?

    when I try to to press the friends button in the CC app, it feezes..

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