Why is this game so unfair to it's players? i am so sick of the way we are treated by you lot.

I stopped playing this game 5 years ago because of how unfair this game really is. I recently started playing again "out of sheer boredom" and I see it has got worse, you's ought to be ashamed of the treatment of your players.



  • KingsPinnKingsPinn Posts: 3,526

    The game was only released just under 5 years ago so you must have been one of the first to play! 

    If you have a point to make and you're looking for some feedback then try to be constructive. King aren't going to listen to comments like this, whereas if you provide actual constructive feedback, I'm sure they would at least review it. 

    I can't think of anything that they have done to be ashamed of, thats a strong word. 

  • booboo9921booboo9921 Posts: 5
    why should we try to be constructive when we are treated like crap.
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