Hi? In candy crush saga one can collect sugardrops every day to collect boosters. Why can't you have

Ewa_FhagerEwa_Fhager Posts: 18 Level 2

the same thing on candy crush soda saga? It's SO boring to get stuck on a difficult level for weeks and weeks.


  • JillyJillJillyJill Posts: 968 Level 3

    Hi Ewa,

    I asked the very same thing but just got a generic response of the game studio is always working to improve games etc.,but I will certainly bring it up again. Do you get any of the quests or fishing tournaments? I don't get fishing tournaments anymore but the quests are helpful, but some people have them and some don't. They just took away bubblegum Hill for whatever reason I don't understand, at least you were able to earn gold bars and hammers! Ugh!

    Thank you for your input, I'll be sure to forward it on,


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  • Ewa_FhagerEwa_Fhager Posts: 18 Level 2


    I can never join the fishing tournament because I allways get stuck in a difficult level. It's so fustrated.

    I begin to think that King want us to play saga instead, because there you allways get a "lucky board" after a while.

    I have been on level 1337 for more than a week now and I have not even been close.....It is so boring

  • JillyJillJillyJill Posts: 968 Level 3
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    Do you have any boosters Ewa? Like the color bomb, the coloring candy or fish? I would check all 3 boosters if you have them since you've been stuck on it so long. And at least if the color bomb and coloring candy end up next to each other you can combine them for a big explosion and the fish will work double duty. If they end up near each other and you have a hand switch or hammers to make them get next to each other, that'll help.

  • Ewa_FhagerEwa_Fhager Posts: 18 Level 2

    I have used all my boosters on this level and can still not pass it. I shall give it two more days before I quit the game

  • Maureen-3Maureen-3 Posts: 162 Level 3

    Which is the Coloring Candy? 

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