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  • JuliaM
    JuliaM Posts: 60 Level 3

    I’ve been playing since the beginning and have achieved level 12525. I USED to play 3 or 4 times per day with my accumulated lives (due to generous friends who played frequently like I did, my lives were always maxed out at 999). These days, I play about 30 minutes per day only, putting it away after I use up my daily allotment.

    Some of you were like I used to be; avid players who played frequently and spent moderate amounts of real money to gain an edge to win a race or challenge. Now, we are still the same in refusing to pay money to play. I would pay money for boosters and gold bars, but not to play.

    I am very sad and disappointed to see the direction our beloved game has taken. I will continue to play, but my days of giving money for ANYTHING are over. There is no use.

  • mandrak
    mandrak Posts: 199 Level 3

    The more he cancels, the happier I am. I live for the day when all extra rewards will be canceled. The less the better, the more horror... LONG LIVE THE KING!!!

  • itsyoonseul10
    itsyoonseul10 Posts: 116 Level 2

    Same!! i used to play a lot and now its just a joke, look at this level below! its clearly a PAY to win level

  • itsyoonseul10
    itsyoonseul10 Posts: 116 Level 2

    This episode is where i throw in the towel - you win king!!! Thank you for the good times, I hope your pockets are lined very nicely from your new strategy of gouging your players to pay $$$$ to win levels

  • paddycake512
    paddycake512 Posts: 1 Newbie

    This game is no longer fun or enjoyable! I've been playing for many years and I'm on level 12k+ but I'm done! I really hope that the daily users drop to under 100k, that way the developers will realize how crappy they have changed this game!

    Shame on Candy Crush for selling out and trying to profit even more from its users! I'm sure they make plenty from their sponsors ads and now we can't even watch them to get a tic tac toe punch!


  • itsyoonseul10
    itsyoonseul10 Posts: 116 Level 2

    ya they should really change their tagline because we are no longer "swiping the stress away" 🤨

  • Cinders
    Cinders Posts: 38 Level 2

    Have been playing Candy Crush since the beginning. It has never sucked as much as it does now. Add Friends?? WHAT FOR? SO THEY CAN SEND ME MORE LIVES TO SIT AND GATHER DUST?? the lives limits are a crock! Friends send you lives, but what's the point you can't use them. What's the point in adding more friends, when you can't use lives they send. Another display of greed and avarice when the world is already going to pot. I had one escape and you took it. I've switched to Gardenscapes and Manor Matters. You'll no be getting my cash or vote!

    Also, asking if I want to give you my opinion when I come on here?? What a joke. You couldn't give a monkeys left nut about your loyal players, it's all about the money!!

  • itsyoonseul10
    itsyoonseul10 Posts: 116 Level 2

    I know same! There is no way that we are the only unhappy ones here, I would think other forums such as reddit have people fuming as well. Now they have some "sweet surprise" for Halloween. Probably going to give us more nasty "tricks" than treats! I also find it interesting that now they dont have little notes on how many people people purchased boosters to get through a hard level! Perhaps not as many people buying boosters are less people playing? hopefully its both!

  • jberg
    jberg Posts: 9 Level 2

    Does anyone have any hints on how to pass level 5295. I"ve been on this level for 2 weeks. It is beyond difficult, I'd say it is impossible unless you spend the money to buy extra stuff. All the videos out there are outdated cause they keep changing the episode, taking away moves. Getting kind of tired of it.

  • SuzCQ
    SuzCQ Posts: 1 Newbie

    Been playing for almost 10 years, This 20 lives limit is stupid..I just won some timed boosters and can't use not one of them..Lost over 900 lives with this last update.What are you people doing!?.. It's not like Im not occasionally buying coins.. Not a happy player..Fix this!

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