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🎼 Candy's 10th Year Anniversary with a New Tune! Are you enjoying it?

QueenB Posts: 11,419 Community Manager
edited November 2022 in Discussions

After ten lovely Years of swiping Candies, we have all grown to love and enjoy the relaxing tune in the background.

To commemorate this fantastic milestone, we wanted to bring some fresh and new tunes to make your crushing candies experience much more fun 🤩

Have you heard the new sound, and do you enjoy it?

Vote and comment below; we would love to hear your thoughts!

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🎼 Candy's 10th Year Anniversary with a New Tune! Are you enjoying it? 340 votes

It's Divine
Andres-2Vinicius_SutilLil'_MommaKenny_LeeHemaMehtaWhodeet1alma3389Courtney1990moferosemariepahayo1Imenchayar123pinkypurrrdawntoppel42320ethantommyvamjulius27Marzoppenguin123r6gamepowerzdr 71 votes
I love the new sound
bearwithmekarlitoosamm_kmlmbryantCallistamsmarlinbuzla9346642234GabykingrebelchildRAJESH_MYNAM1AjFran33423894sportld1kodanevBlessKIreneQAmonicstellinagaganghumman 74 votes
I prefer the old sound
MapiTraci_Comerford_Jim_KaralesHeather_TrittonThmoYorben_GoereeFarhaPiaGianizeroGeorgie123Danielcristiangaeloo7OichiFunkySoulDivaPurpliciousŁukasz111Moh1977arminahdMagic_MixerGoldenswordzqueengigi 105 votes
I play without the sound on
Peter_TornarosIceprincess9babygirl315nySabrinaMtsaytds__MULLIGANACEOUS__qqqqqqnaifzmfanfanchanMateshiaKathy69tazsiti_payungLa LeyMountainMomlori59KingsDaughter14me6412Shilviya18rinka16Dudleysmom 90 votes


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