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💬💭 Level Feedback! Leave your feedback on the new levels! 2023



  • Glazga
    Glazga Posts: 1 Newbie

    Soo over this game now ! NOT HAPPY Way to many levels that they try to force u to buy extra moves cos they only give u a tiny amount ! Proper money grabbers !!

    I'm gonna delete the game & I strongly advise others to do the same Hit them where it hurts Then they might actually do something about it

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,841 Level 5

    You're certainly not alone there Jeannette6713. Feedback is completely ignored and levels still being changed to make them completely impossible unless you have a bucket full of gold bars and boosters. Everything is changing for the worse, not the game it was and what most of us enjoyed. I really can't see things getting any better, let's face it they've removed everything that was helpful, F5, Royalty, adverts. I'm still waiting to see what replaced Fantastic5 as I've never received it. Hope things do start changing for the better though, take care.

  • Xxander
    Xxander Posts: 5,902 Level 5


    May i disagree?

    In the feedback topic i just see loads of swering, threatning to stop. But i NEVER see some serieus feedback. NEVER dome solutions. People are just quiting and swering.

    Belive me, i get the frustation. But is there is completly NO feedback, how do the developers ever be able to solve something?! And a side event is NO solution or solving anything

    So maybe WE should start giving feedback, possible solutions instead of just whining. These levels are NOT impossible. Loads of people still pass these levels. So please be productive!

    And this is in general. Not personal to some one!

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,841 Level 5

    You can say you disagree Xxander, being in the 4000's you won't be experiencing what the higher level players are. I don't expect in the 2 months you have been in the Community that you would have seen all the feedback we have been sending for the past year and more.

    Can I suggest you have a read through feedback for all the 11000's, 12000's and 13000's, from page 1 of each. It will take you some time but you will see that we have given very constructive feedback that King really don't take any notice of. In fact so much constructive feedback has been given and ignored it has stopped a lot of us bothering.

    So it may serve you better to get your facts right before replying like you do to players who have tried their hardest for years to get the message across.

    Hope you have a nice day.

  • Blister
    Blister Posts: 133 Level 2

    Yo Dude Really, 2 months in Community and already at level 4. You must spend a serious amount of time on the counting games to get your comment score so high. Make sure you have time to play Saga as I want you to get past 10000 which is where all the trouble starts. If you play hard you should get there in 2 years, then you will understand what us players at the end of the map are - as you put it - WHINING about. I don't leave level feedback, so much has been put over the last few years but nothing gets changed for the better. And a side event definitely helps when you can't pass these impossible levels. Happy counting and hope to see you at the end of the map at some stage.

  • debrakpage
    debrakpage Posts: 9 Level 2

    13327 - impossible. Stuck for days. Wasted money. Playing is no longer fun when it is this hard

  • Xxander
    Xxander Posts: 5,902 Level 5

    Well, i DO experiance the same problems and I DO read the feedback. Thats the reason why I posted what I posted. 😉 And thats why i tried to replay a general awnser. The feedback in general isnt feedback. And that was my point exactly. And my answer was never personal.

    Glad you got my point. (Not)

    Trying to offend people, cursing at Moderators. This kind of reaction are NOT productive. AGAIN I get the frustation. But offending, cursing, threathning is NOT the way to get problems solved.

    But i'll try an other way; decency will get us a lot further the offending, curcing and threathing people. And it wont solve anything.

  • Blister
    Blister Posts: 133 Level 2
    edited January 2023

    As Carol-38 put above, actually read the setup feedback levels that Crazy Cat Lad and now QueenB start. You will see there are some VERY good and decent comments over the years. But all get ignored. You are only focusing on the not so nice ones. And again when you pass 10000 you will really start getting the frustration. The Community is here to help each other and when players tell their frustrations we should be kind and helpful. Not telling them they are wrong adding more frustration.

    Those swearing and leaving are players who have left lots of decent feedback that has just been ignored time and time again.

    With a bit more experience in the Community I hope you will start to understand.

  • svlayland
    svlayland Posts: 2 Newbie

    Im on level 13194 and for the past several games (maybe the last dozen or two), I have not been able to pass a level in less than four weeks (playing hours at a time). The game is no longer fun and it's impossible to pass some levels - even with some boosters. I feel defeated and tricked into playing CCS just to enrichen the pocket of King by watching multitudes ads. Will start to read more or find a different game - one that actually lets you win via skill and not manipulation. Bye.

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