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Daily Win

Carol-38 Posts: 11,271 Level 5

@QueenB @Novapichu Well here we go again something else King have taken full control of,as well as the Chocolate Box boosters.

Just used all my lives and 10 gold bars to pass a level not shown with any difficulty, played it for 2 days and it completed my daily wins. What do I get for my daily wins, all timed boosters including 10 minutes for the UFO.

What use is that to me, or other players with no lives left to play, so useless boosters. Why have King taken away the last chance (the one before was F5) to gain a UFO that players can save and use when they decide it will actually be helpful. Please stop using 'we are changing features to make things sweeter' because that really isn't happening.

Is this a test to see how many complain or are King adamant on taking full control over how we play our game. It is getting to the stage where it just really isn't worth playing.

Hopefully you will feed this back to the section who are making these 'very sour' decisions.

Thank you.


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