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  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 67 Level 2

    This happened to me twice today. This was reported on January 26 and is still not fixed. This is beyond the pale. If it can't be fixed, the level should be removed … immediately. This cost me my string 5, many boosters and hurt my position in several races … all because of a reported bug that King refuses to fix. And don't say you cant reproduce it: start with two color bombs and watch. Unbelievable.

  • geln77
    geln77 Posts: 59 Level 2

    If you pay for boosters and extra moves - YOU are the problem. That's why this game is unplayable now. The corporate assumption is, if you haven't quit in 10 years, you never will - because you are addicted. I average 1 level a day now ---sometimes 0... even with boosters and after game ads. Boosters will not work. Clever game play and problem solving will not work. Complaining will not work. If you are here to give your *feedback*, you are in one of the "pay to play" markets..probably North America or western Europe - meaning if you live there, you can afford a dollar or two a day to play this game. Stop buying boosters and stop watching ads - they do nothing and it ruins everyone else's game. If you pay for 20 to 35 extra moves for every other level , then every other level will ALWAYS require 35 extra moves. As soon as your level is clearly "rigged" or unplayable, you should quit-- do NOT play through and DON'T watch ads for extra moves that do nothing. That's all you can do..there is no such thing as feedback here. (for what it's worth, almost every other level in the 13 400's to 13 500's has been extra moves- usually more than 20) not even close to possible.

  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    I agree completely. These levels are daft. I don't pay to play but I am addicted, so I am currently stuck. Over 100 attempts at 13480, not even marked as Hard. Just awful, so demoralising, so lacking in fun. Have you heard the definition of a game, King? This is no game, this is gambling against the house who have fixed the odds at an impossible number

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 2,838 Level 5

    This is partly true but I'm not sure why they would make the game easier if players didn't spend money. I think it would have the opposite effect. I am convinced King are actively fixing the game in a manner to drive out all those players who won't spend money while they concentrate on getting new players addicted. I replay the earliest levels anonymously every week to get boosters for my main game, and I can see how they manipulate the first 200 or so levels to get people addicted. There are easy and hard boards for most levels and players are assigned either one of these. Then after a week King check their records to see which mix was the most likely to entice someone to spend money. Which of these early levels I get stuck on changes every week, but one thing never changes: I have never failed to win the first few episode races giving me enough gold after a few days' play to buy some really good boosters to then use in my main game. How I can ALWAYS win the episode race is beyond me, but clearly it is fixed so you play against imaginary people who gave up playing before they finished the episode. It is all a big con to get people addicted, let them win thinking they are good at the game.

    About a year or so ago they stopped ever giving us at the higher levels a "lucky board" when we were stuck for days, like they used to do. That is a sure sign they want to be rid of us. Candy Crush is now a game just for the super rich and cheaters. If you are neither of those, just stop playing, guys. There is more to life than Candy Crush.

  • The4JaysMom3333
    The4JaysMom3333 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Level 13483 is impossible. It just went down to 20 moves. Been stuck on it for a week. I haven't spent one penny on this or any game. I've gotten here with ads and free bonuses. Does CC want to make it impossible without paying? I'm a relentless, patient player. Majority of people never would've made it here without paying money.

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 2,838 Level 5

    That is so long ago I wrote that I hardly remember it. What I was doing, and I still try to do, is start a new game with NO LOGIN and then, once I have enough boosters I log into my original game. You must not save the new game when prompted. I play on iPhone or iPad and I have never lost progress despite never saving it. You can easily get to level 200 and beyond in a few days. Gold does not transfer so use it to buy boosters.

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