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🎙We want your feedback on the levels 14 421 - 14 465



  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,831 Level 5

    Certainly a lot of interesting conversation going on... I surely do enjoy that. Lots of different play styles. I enjoy the game, changing my style as the game dictates and my main competition is myself. Have my own goals, games within the game, no heavy competition for me takes up too much time. I would rather be checking things out...

    p.s. Main goal at present: Stay out of the Semi Final Wild Card ʕ´⁰̈ᴥ⁰̈`ʔฅ   o ʕ¯ᴥ¯ʔ

  • JJ09012011
    JJ09012011 Posts: 167 Level 2

    This set of levels is pure insanity. There is no way you will pass it without a very high amount of boosters.

  • borja123456
    borja123456 Posts: 25 Level 2

    The third episode (14451-14465) is a complete scam. Most levels have very few moves (20 or even 18) with horrible versions full of trash that you have to clear to achieve the objective. Even when these levels were released two weeks ago, YouTubers like Jonah B or Kazuohk needed a lot of boosters to overcome them. What's the point of making impossible levels with such a limited number of moves? Do you really think players will spend money to pass a simple level, especially when it's not an isolated case and there are going to be many more impossible levels after that? This game used to be a lot of fun when it came out, but it's really a shame what you're doing with it. I've been playing since it was released, and honestly, it's disappointing to see what you've turned this game into. Here's an example of the levels in that episode to see if the designers are ashamed of themselves.

    And this is just an example of 5 levels, but the rest of the episode is the same trash.

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 5,543 Level 5

    I have just ploughed through these levels. Used up almost all my boosters and some gold. Just one word:


  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 76 Level 2
    edited September 2023

    By now, the 3rd episode has 12 difficult levels: 3 legendary, 5 nightmarish, 2 very difficult and 2 difficult. Not that appealing to get started ….

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 76 Level 2

    I just finished it. One word: awful. Almost each level is impossible to complete without many boosters. Not because it requires a complicated strategy…. No, just because you have to have the lucky drop to just blast candies. If you get an extra video color bomb at the start and a video ufo at the end, you can come close … maybe. Just not enjoyable anymore.

    And all the contests are for naught. Try to get those targets with episodes like this. Better designers would spend time coming up with some new features or more clever (requiring more strategy/thinking) designs.

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 130 Level 3

    Hi, so I have a question for all of you….Is there an algorithm or something that blocks you from winning an episode for a 4th time in a row? I win the 1st for 25 bars, 2nd for 30 and then the 3rd for 35 and this has happened many times. But, I have “Never” won 4 episodes in a row (since the big change a year or so ago), to win the 45 bars because I always hit an impossible level, early into the episode, that takes 4 days minimum to beat because I won’t waste my bars if there’s no chance to win the episode 🤷‍♀️ I’m now stuck on 14428, today is day 4 I think 🙄 Again!!!

    Plus, you guys talk about winning UFO’s and Party boosters??? How the heck and where can you win those??? Right now I have no chance of finishing the chocolate box (Again) because it’s requiring me to use UFO’s and I have none and no way to win any 🙄

    I get knocked out of winning any of the events to win boosters etc…because of this block preventing me from moving forward, because it takes 2-3 weeks to win the episode without using gold bars for 125 moves to possibly finish them 🙄.

    And another question for ya. Why do they “fix” something that’s isn’t even broken in the first place??? For example, they recently changed the Chocolate box (as mentioned above) by taking away our choice. Forcing us, with 3 unknown changes, to ultimately play a level that won’t fulfill the requirement. It’s a lost cause. They did the same thing with Bubblegum Hill, Candy Royale and others etc…..

    On a positive note though, I do think that they are reading these cause if I post that I’m stuck on a level, I will get a lucky board soon after to pass it. Coincidence? 🤷‍♀️

    Need help to pass 14,428 please 🙏 Thanks

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 5,543 Level 5

    I get all my UFOs from the Season Pass. I don't use Party boosters because they are on the payment side (the gold side) and I refuse to spend any money on this unfair and largely boring game.

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 5,543 Level 5

    Now that is interesting about getting a lucky board after posting here. I think this may not be a coincidence but I wish others would post here to let us know if it happens to them. Most of the time they just post once and then you never know what happened, if they gave up and quit or if they got a lucky board.

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