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Events on the Map - How do you feel about it?

QueenB Posts: 13,472 Community Manager
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Hey, Candy Crush Saga players 🍭🍬

We want to hear your thoughts on the events you encounter on the main Saga Map.

What are the events you might encounter in the Saga map you may ask?

Events on the map are events which you need to reach a certain object on the Saga map such as a key, a chest or it can be Yeti sometimes before the time runs out.

Here are some examples:

One of the most recent Saga events that you might have played is the Fall Tour event where you have to reach Misty.

These Saga events have one thing in common and that is to reach the object on the your saga map before the time displayed runs out and then you collect your rewards.

Share your thoughts in the comments:

Feel free to expand on your choice. What do you like or dislike about the events? Any suggestions for improvements?

Your feedback matters, and we're excited to hear your opinions to make Candy Crush even sweeter! 🍬💬

Events on the Map - How do you feel about it? 47 votes

Love it 🥳 These events add an exciting twist to the game. I enjoy the challenge and variety they bring
cookiemaeAndres-2Spinnifixmintmin2tininha1975MountainMomcarmenechevarriarebelchildPrincess_JessicaRacoon7AmoonmoonNico_GsteventsengSigmaMMXJONH10Arrowflinger200mimisToune_PGjk14KingFan242421 21 votes
Neutral 😐 I'm okay with the events, but I don't have strong feelings one way or another
DieOmimiAmberRaeLeospottedhorse[Deleted User]Rhonda_LteeweipingJBsewest 7 votes
It's a bit challenging 😅 Sometimes, reaching the object before time runs out can be tough. I find it challenging, but that's part of the fun
Werner_CichySabrinaMMiladyRlelenspadidas11zs1982greddycandyElviramartinez_61moe75bilbo1453Peaches12 10 votes
Not a fan 😕 I find the events a bit frustrating or not as enjoyable. There might be room for improvement
Peter_TornarosTzvi_MarcuCarol-38Deryckstevethomas3838CassDrottengamer 7 votes
I really don't enjoy the Saga Map Events. They disrupt my gameplay experience
lionking26cwhitworth66 2 votes


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