Candy Crush level 3669



  • Steve-18Steve-18 Posts: 65

    Level 3669 works ok for me this morning. Has anyone else tried it in the past few hours?

    Thanks Eddie. The moderators have been made aware of it.
  • I have the same problem . Is there no solution?? Pls help

  • Two color bombs joint it is very easy level .

  • King, you fixed this a little, but it's still broken!!! On my profile, they have marginally fixed this level, but it still has problems. Striped candies are normally accepted as part of order fulfillment, as long as the colors match. So a yellow stripe SHOULD (and used to even on this level) work. But it doesn't The fix was to change the yellow stripes on the board to regular yellows. So it mostly works, unless you bring in a booster that replaces on of your yellows. If your level hasn't even been fixed that far, I'd try bringing in a lucky (pink checkmark) candy at the beginning. If you want to see the NEW glitch, and my solve for it, you can watch this video:

    Guru there is no chance to join.. 3695 is 15 moves only how to solve it
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