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Candy Crush Saga level 3390



  • jsscurlockjsscurlock Posts: 52 Level 3

    How are you playing jsscurlock? Have you tried what I suggested? It was only changed this morning so it might take a little time to trickle through :)

    I did try what you suggested. I just got back on for the first time since yesterday and im still at 13 moves.
  • AsiancowAsiancow Posts: 42 Level 2

    @chicken slayer : level 3447 another level the programmers have destroyed , reducing from 30 moves to 25 and increasing difficulties to collect from 15red+15.yellow to 20red+15yellow candies 

    impossible !! 

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 16,968 Farm Moderator

    Hi Asiancow, I am going to pass this over too. They are actively changing levels based on feedback so now is a good time to report it :)

  • Codeblue3638Codeblue3638 Posts: 30 Level 2

    No 12 moves stupid please listen to us.

    I’ve been trying to be this level for a gazillion times have learned boosters of no help in fact the fish will often ruin a move I’ve sat up so no boosters if I use a booster all of which are free I won’t feed into their greed and buy boosters the level is then sit up harder U can not beat this level with 14 moves unless they decide to throw u a winning screen so don’t beat your head against the wall trying they have total control over the levels I’ve been able to clear the apple at the top but not enough moves to clear bottom that’s because they have it rigged that way There’s no stragetgy on players part because they have slashed the moves it’s all under their control
  • Codeblue3638Codeblue3638 Posts: 30 Level 2

    Hey  :) I will pass your feedback on, but the reason why youtube videos might be a little different is because King often change levels after release based on feedback. So if a lot of players complain its too easy, they will make it harder. That doesn't mean it will for sure stay like this, if its then too hard, they can change it again :)

    There is NO FREAKEN WAY people complain levels too easy I want to see some legitimate complaint please post here This level Is in middle of 4 hard levels Don’t u think players are feedup with this dumping done on them They change levels to make more money PERIOD Tired of u guys thinking players are so stupid to believe what you’re saying No one wants levels that are really easy but we also don’t want levels which are obviously rigged and made to be impossible to pass you think your players want to spend weeks to pass a level NO WAY Bored out of our minds same level OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER
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