1484 level, I can't win this 12 lives is not enough. I'm tired of this please help. Deb

I only get 12 moves, it is impossible to win.  I have no helpers, when I do I use them and I still can't win.  Why do some people have 25


  • Laura_GrosvenorLaura_Grosvenor Posts: 1,575 Superstar

    Deb, King changes the levels or tweaks them. I will pass it on for you.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 11,949 Superstar

    If you see videos online showing more moves, this is the reason.  The videos are outdated because the video creators make them when the levels are first released.  The studio monitors all levels when they are released and they check to see how many players clear a specific level and how long it takes for them to clear it.  If it's too easy or too difficult they will "tweak" the levels a bit.  The video creators can't keep up with the studio changes so you are still only seeing the first video release.

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