Massive Price Increase?

I have sadly spent over a thousand dollars on this game in buying gold bars and boosters recently however today I realized the prices have nearly doubled for everything including the piggy back. I will never spend another dime until that is changed back. The prices has increased REPEATEDLY lately and I will not pay anymore. Why is there this sudden price increase? 


  • inezinez Posts: 1
    Wow...really Candy Crush...
    Why have you become greedy?
    Sorry, I will not pay the increase
    On the piggy bank and gold bars
  • crod2035crod2035 Posts: 2
    I've been playing Candy Crush for years now and have happily spent money buying gold bars and boosters.  First they take away Mort's Magic helmet, now I see that the piggy bank has been reduced to 30 coins and the price of gold bar and boosters had increased dramatically! Wow, talk about greedy!!!  No more money being spent by me. I'll continue to play for free.
  • OMG ! These price increases are too much for me.  Way ,way too greedy at I’ll be playing but not paying anymore. 😳
  • Hey, King," WE'RE NOT MADE OF GOLD TO BUY YOUR GOLD BARS". Slow your roll on the prices  I'm at level 3956 and refuse to spend another dime on this game. There are hundreds of similar kinds of the match-three games out there. I do NOT need to play Candy Crush for amusement. I'll reconsider if they lower the prices.  
  • viviwelviviwel Posts: 5
    edited December 2018
    this game was fun, i`m in the mid 3000`s and will not be going further. the cynical price increase, along with the ridiculous levels that require boosters, have ruined the enjoyment. hoist by your own petard.
  • mstellezmstellez Posts: 1
    Is there any reason why the prices increased? 
  • Just want to add to my earlier comment. I too am in the mid 3000s and have spent a lot of money to get to this level. Lately each level has needed me to inject more and more boosters. Now to cap it off, this ridiculous price increase has taken the enjoyment out of playing. I’m sure you will lose many, many loyal players because of this greed. Not cool ! 
  • vickinnavickinna Posts: 3
    I’m glad I’m not the only one to be disgusted by the greed of the recent price increases. Double the price for gold bars and the piggy bank. I deleted the game and won’t play again if the price increases stay like this. 
  • jvjohnsonjvjohnson Posts: 1
    I am furious about the price increase. I will be looking for a new game to play. 
  • kmmiekmmie Posts: 2
    I can’t believe the increase.  I’m done.  I’ll never buy from you again.  Greedy.   It’s jusr a game.  I’ll find another one.   I know so many people who just deleted the app over this.  Your customers are outraged!!!
  • puffypuffy Posts: 1
    I feel the same way.  I was shocked when they lowered the bars to 30 but were charging the same price.  I have been playing candy crush for since 2010 & am outraged that they did this.  I will no longer buy anymore coins.  Unfortunately I will be looking for another game.  
  • kmmiekmmie Posts: 2
    I already deleted it.  My friends did too.  People who are just beginning get a lower price.  Do for our loyalty we get screwed.  
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