Piggy bank change



    I will definitely resist buying.  Definitely not worth it for 30 bars.  And all the other prices jumped up as well.
  • saji143saji143 Posts: 2
    After i made the commment about the RIP off...now i no longer see the trophies option and the bonuses for succwssfully completing games completely... all that si gone...
  • barnincbarninc Posts: 1
    What is the point of this forum if the administrators of Candy Crush do not respond in kind. 
    Like the previous entries I am very disappointed in the blatant greed displayed by this company.  And especially right before a major holiday.  You have joined the corporate greed. Best of luck to you and your company.  
  • brian987brian987 Posts: 1
    Well guys first rule of business “don’t be greedy” it’s sad to leave the crush after 3019 levels. You really should be ashamed of yourselfs doubling the price of the piggy bank is really poor form. Goodbye 
  • ruth1951ruth1951 Posts: 1
    Candy Crush,  this change in the pricing is insane. I will find another source of entertainment until the experiment fails. 
  • Shnibble24Shnibble24 Posts: 1
    Now that they changed it from 60 gold bars to 30 I will def not be purchasing that anymore. I hope they realize that by them being greedy will get them no where. How could they go make such a drastic change like that. I was literally buying 60 bars everyday and now they will not get a cent from me. uggghh I am so annoyed
  • jrs121212jrs121212 Posts: 6
    I also just signed up to comment, I am on level 3006 and probably spend €100 a month on bars and other offers, no more, thankyou Candy Crush for giving me the best reason ever to never spend another penny again, history will tell you that companies that increase prices by 100% overnight generally lose their customers, big mistake, but thanks from me anyway and I will spend the money elsewhere or save it.
    Surely the marketing people thought there would be a backlash over this? If not I would change your marketing Director. 
  • Ivy-2Ivy-2 Posts: 25 ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    I am at the lead of level 4040. Buying gold bars every day. Candy Crush raised the gold bar price by 100%, which mean I have to pay double to get 60 bars.  Is it so-called inflation?

    I think I spent too much money on this game already, and no more on double the price .....so farewell and goodbye.
  • fmaier3rdfmaier3rd Posts: 2
    I enjoy playing for years but their greed has taken the fun out of it,  Im at 3644 and will not spend another penny on any King game.  Im sure tthis is a ploy by King who will come back and state that they will rise the gold level to 45 or 50 to please all their valueable customers.  Which is what Trumps book "Art of the Deal" is about.  Low ball a bid than negotiate to a middle
  • jjbluejjblue Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    I agree with all the posts regarding the max decrease in coins for the same price. Shame on you Candy Crush for taking advantage of so many people who play your game and loyal patrons who make purchases.
  • LynneTraversLynneTravers Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    I too have been playing daily for 5 plus years.  I'ts my new addiction after quitting drinking and smoking.... Your game gave me something else to focus on.  So sorry to see you double the piggy bank for 2.99...but only 30 coins.  I No longer feel I can afford it.  Merry Christmas. Lynne
  • VikaVika Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    I’ve been playing Candy Crush for a really long time now and seeing this drastic change in piggy bank is absolutely disgusting! I’ve also spent lots of money on buying 60 bars for $3.99 in Canada and would feel absolutely ripped off if I pay a penny more. Learn to appreciate loyal players. Greed will get you nowhere! SHAME!
  • JedledJedled Posts: 2
    Absolutely disgusted with King over this, pure greed! 
  • Tess1 said:
    I am at level 1587 and had the same thing happen to me today.  I will not play if it is going to cost me more money to advance in the game. It needs to go back to 60 bars at least.  Increasing the number of bars to 90 or more would be even more of an incentive.

  • Anch'io ho lo stesso problema. I lingotti sono fermi a 30 da almeno una settimana.

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