Piggy bank change

i think it’s ridiculous that my piggy bank is full at 30 bars rather than 60 bars. I was buying my piggy bank almost daily, but now it’s not worth it at all. 30 bars only gives you enough for 2 life refills since each refill costs 12 bars. It’s such a rip off. When is it going to change back to 60? I’m not purchasing it if it’s only 30 bars. I’m better off playing toon blast which gives you a ton of FREE coins so you barely have to spend money


  • GailHoopGailHoop Posts: 4
    I thought the Piggy Bank was a one-time purchase, so I bought it about 30 minutes ago. Now the game wants me to purchase another one?!!!###%%%### How often does this force you to buy this stupid Piggy Bank? Is it daily or what? I am so aggravated.
  • I asked over a month ago the same question about the piggy bank change from 60 bars to 30 bars and never got an answer.  If you do not change back to 60 bars soon I may have to quit playing your games, which I have been doing for over 6 years.  I am not rich and this is ridiculous.

  • saji143saji143 Posts: 2
    It was  a gr8 way to get bars - i used to get at least 2 to 3 times a week - now Mr. King is no longer going to get my patronage. I think some finance guy at the top would have thought - regularly they sell 10 bars @ $1.99 so they might have thought accumulating 60 bars for $299 was a loss for them and to push the tab on to the customers/users and made it 30 bars for $2.99. We should stop patronizing the game for them to realize this
  • I agree.  Having the piggy bank full at 30 rather than 60 bars is not fair play.  I expected more, I won’t be buying any more. 
  • ChoichoiChoichoi Posts: 1
    I signed up just to comment on King reducing my piggy bank from 60 to 30... Congratulations King, you just got your last $2.99 from me! You ripped me off & i will make it a point to never spend a cent more on your company, way to repay your loyalest players!! Boo!!
  • fmaier3rdfmaier3rd Posts: 2
    Thank for for the early Christmas present by jacking up your price.  Since you make $200+ million a year you will not miss my 30-50/month.  You need to change your name from King to “greed is good”.  
  • SamharpupSamharpup Posts: 1
    Really unhappy about the piggy bank reduction. I used to play a lot but got frustrated and quit playing about 2 years ago. I came back about 2 months ago and was thrilled with the changes. I felt like the piggy bank was a good deal and now you are doing the same garbage. I guess you aren’t interested in keeping players who are willing to spend money to play. 😖
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