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changing every level

parlady99parlady99 Posts: 191 Level 3
Now that Candy Crush has changed every level with either less moves or adding layers to blockers, it is just about time to say good-bye like almost every other person I know.  CC has taken away the space helmet; getting lives from friends; and the enjoyment of the game - for what - the only reason can be money.  I have to admit that I paid for boosters in the past; but no more, since every level has been changed and you need boosters to complete every level.  I don't mind a challenge; but these levels have become a joke.  So, unless changes for the better are reinstated, it will be the end of the line for me.


  • Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,501 Sweet Legend
    Hey @paralady99, your message hiccuped because I answered this for you yesterday.  Have you ever thought of becoming a King Superstar since you enjoy posting here?  Here is the link to learn more about it:  


    You can read all 3 messages because I got the best advantage being a Superstar when I was able to go to an event in New York City on the grand opening of Candy Crush Friends Saga.  Read the second message and you will see an awful picture of me!  There are advantages to being a Superstar.  You can earn gold bars which can be added to your games and you also get to see what's going on with the glitches from a different angle.  

    If you might be interested then start to see what questions you can answer and then you can post in the first message and mention my name and that I suggested you become a King Superstar ok?

  • parlady99parlady99 Posts: 191 Level 3
    Thanks Elsa, for the info; but I have learned that posting really does not do any good except give me a place to vent.  King has changed every level and people keep complaining; but nothing changes.  Right now, I will use up my boosters and then that will probably be it for me.  King has taken away the space helmet and we are now not able to get the lives that our friends send.  King has pretty much taken all the fun, enjoyment and challenge out of the game and just made it a booster's game.  So, Elsa, it has been great talking with you and I'll check every once in a while to see how the levels are doing.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.
  • Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,501 Sweet Legend
    Thanks and the same to you and your family!
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