Candy Crush lives being taken away and not receiving.

When are you going to get someone who is smart enough to figure out the problem with not getting lives and lost of all the lives you saved.  This is so ridiculous and rude to leave the game players out in the cold.  I think players has been hanging on way toooooo long.


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    Hi @Jeanie_Brown, the studio is smart enough but, personally, I think it's a Facebook glitch and I have already followed up with them.  It is not just affecting the King games because I have non-King games that are having this issue too.  It happened during this past summer and it was a Facebook glitch.  Once they released a new Facebook update it went away.  But I think it's come back so the studio is on top of it and I already reported it to the non-King developer and they reported it to Facebook and I wrote to Facebook.  So all that we can do right now is be patient.  You can follow the updates on this link:

  • Well the link doesn't work either, here it is Dec.2nd and still the glitch isn't fixed and I don't think they really care what people thinks as long as they still play, I am about ready to just delete all the games that pertain to King.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,569 Superstar
    Hi @Jeanie_Brown, the link just opened for me.  Why wouldn't they care what the players think - it's revenue for them, it's fan based games!  How about you head on over to your Facebook page, go up to the top right and click on the question mark.  Then scroll down and click on report a problem.  Tell Facebook what's going on because it might not be a King problem as I stated above.  My non-King games have been affected by this too and I am not getting or able to send lives with those games either.
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