level 3963

I've posted here before about a similar level. This level (3963) is impossible with just 16 moves. I googled how to complete it and watched more than 4 you tube videos where it has been completed, but all those players had either 33 or 36 moves. Please don't reply saying changes are made for a reason, what logical reason could there be to make a level impossible !!!! It is the second time I have encountered this and spoils my enjoyment of playing Candy Crush. I am now forced to wait until you decide to increase the number of moves before I can continue playing.!!! Also I no longer get any boosts for completing a level when I play on Microsoft Edge, why has this disappeared?? And just out of interest has the jackpot ever been won on the free daily spin, I play daily and have reached 3963 with never having had a jackpot spin ?? Has this game been redesigned to try and get players to spend money buying boosters?? Not at all happy with Candy Crush at the moment, think I'll go back to solitaire !!


  • nimninimni Posts: 42 ✭✭
    Don't go. I'm in 4059 and never managed to hit the jackpot. Sad.   
  • Glen_RobinsGlen_Robins Posts: 14
    edited December 2018
    I just get so frustrated !! I enjoy a game that requires a challenge, but it's just so annoying that you know the level is impossible with so few moves, and to see other players have completed it with more than double the moves available to you. I just wish the games were all on a level playing field and with careful game strategy they can be passed but not with this level sadly. I miss Morts magical helmet too which disappeared a few weeks ago allegedly after a glitch was discovered but said glitch has still not been fixed !!
  • nimninimni Posts: 42 ✭✭
    You are right. I hope they will fix the level very soon.
    Another thing, I have lost morts helmet too but today they gave me booster bot. It's fun. I'm sure you won't miss helmet anymore if you introduce with booster bot. Happy playing.    
  • Glen_RobinsGlen_Robins Posts: 14
    OOOh I'll look forward to that, that is if I can ever get past 3963 lol 
  • Glen_Robins you will get there. You just have to remain committed to the addiction. Lol
  • Glen_RobinsGlen_Robins Posts: 14
    Quick update, played level on my phone after 2 boosts from beanstalk & passed it on second attempt !! Onwards & upwards =) =) =)
  • nimninimni Posts: 42 ✭✭
    i have just earned 4 boosters from beanstalk. It helped me to reach at 4079 level. Happy me with beanstalk.
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