iPad Air Crashing

Tricia02Tricia02 Posts: 5
Recently my game has been crashing after the orange king screen and cannot access my game, I’ve update twice and still can’t play. I don’t want to delete as I didn’t have a Facebook or king account at the time and don’t want to lose my level progress being over 1000, Any suggestions?


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 4,037 Superstar
    Hi @Tricia02 Welcome to the Candy Crush Friends Community.

    Do you have a King or Facebook account now? Candy Crush Friends Saga level do not go that high yet .. can you tell me what game are you having trouble with and what device you are using? Are you able to login with that King or Facebook account?  You may need to do troubleshooting that requires a reinstall but there is a process you can follow to get your levels back if needed so not to worry. :)


    Retrieving Level Progress
  • Tricia02Tricia02 Posts: 5
    Thank you for the reply JustPlaying, I unfortunately don’t have either. I made an account for this community recently to post (I unsure whether this is a king account) but didn’t have the opportunity to sync it via the app. It’s good to hear not all is lost though. 

    I’m playing Candy Crush Saga, I may have posted in the Candy Crush Friends Saga Support by mistake looking above.
  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 4,037 Superstar
    No worries the troubleshooting is the same for both games for this issue. For other issues you will get a faster response posting in the community for that game eg Candy Crush Saga Community since the members there would be more familiar with specific game issues and play.

    Were you able to follow the troubleshooting for iOS to get the game loading? Once that is fixed and you lost progress you can follow the instructions for lost progress under the Didn't save the game section

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,171 Community Manager
    HI @Tricia02 and welcome to our vibrant Community :)

    I'm moving your thread under the Candy Crush Saga dedicated community so other players can help you. Please remember you can select your game by clicking on the Games tab on the top left corner. That way, you'll post in the right place and get faster assistance ;)

    Have the sweetest day!

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  • Tricia02Tricia02 Posts: 5
    Why can’t I get further than the orange page before my game crashes. I had been playing Candy Crush for a couple of years. Now I can’t play anymore 
  • ken1ezonken1ezon Posts: 3

    I have the same kind of problem. When I start the app the orange startpage comes up, I have to wait a few seconds and then the app just shuts down. 
    This problem started a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t had any problem earlier. And yes - I have the latest update. (As far as I remember the problem occured after the update)

    Any ideas?

  • Tricia02Tricia02 Posts: 5
    Can anyone help us? I don’t want to have to delete the game, after all those hours playing.
  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 4,037 Superstar
    Hi @Tricia02 and @ken1ezon did you follow the troubleshooting for  iOS as recommended above?
  • ken1ezonken1ezon Posts: 3
    Yes, I had done all that before posting here. Or actually - all that except reinstalling the game as I don’t want to loose everything: dur to the fact that I can’t log in I’m not able to back up the game...
  • Tricia02Tricia02 Posts: 5
    Yes, have done what the troubleshoot said, except I don’t want to lose all the games I have already played, and have to start all over again. So I won’t be deleting and reinstalling the game.
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