Why are you now giving me much less chances to win than is shown on Google or YouTube. I.e., 1787 an

gina10846gina10846 Posts: 4
You are giving me so few chances....much less than is shown on Google and YouTube, that after many years of playing, I am thinking about quitting. Are you just trying to get me to pay more? Very unfair. 


  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 151 ✭✭✭
    Hi gina10846!

    I am one of the Candy Crush Saga Players who post GAMEPLAY VIDEOS on YouTube. I understand your situation. I also noticed that there were other players ahead of me in LEVELS who've played and posted their videos with MORE MOVES than the LEVEL I am playing. Getting mad is usually our reaction. It is true that the MOVES were decreased. If you would LOOK CLOSELY, the Degree of Difficulty was changed from EASY to HARD, SUPER HARD and NIGHTMARISHLY HARD. We have to understand that every GAME DEVELOPERS will have to UPDATE their LEVELS to COMPETE with the other ones in the GAME WORLD. 

    I played your level in 2016, that is over 2 years ago, close to 3. I would suggest you search the latest Video Posting on that level. Posting date is indicated under the Creator's Name. Save your BOOSTERS for HARDER LEVELS. Good Luck!
  • gina10846gina10846 Posts: 4
    You are just asking people to quit playing. 
  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 151 ✭✭✭

    I don't believe the Game Developer would like people to quit playing. That doesn't make sense.
  • Pummy_RajPummy_Raj Posts: 1,515 Superstar
    Hello @gina10846,

    A Warm Welcome to the King Community, where you can seek Answers / Suggestions in any King Games' Sections :)

    To answer your question, those Videos and Level tips were created long time ago before the levels are either tweaked or changed for better experience.  For example, you might have noticed that certain levels that are marked as "Super Hard", can be beaten in a single attempt with few boosters' help.  Hence, please do not rely on those old videos and check for the latest videos as much as possible like @mercerik suggested.

    Sometimes, checking those videos too does not help to win a level.  For me personally, all we need to win a level is a good board and a strategy.  I too do check those videos just to have an idea of what to expect in the level.  It is always better to have a Color Bomb and the Fish when there are Chocolate & Icing hurdles exist in the "Jelly" levels.   I have not looked at the level # 1787 yet.  Once I take a look at it, I will post back if I have any hints to beat the level.

    Please take a look at this link which explains about the change of the moves, etc., posted by one of the Community Manager https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-saga/discussion/249891/has-your-level-changed

    **  Please post back if you need any other assistance in the game.  To do so, please click on the "Type your Comment" box located below OR tag me with @ and my name, just like how I wrote your name above  =)

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  • gina10846gina10846 Posts: 4
    Thank you all for your suggestions and help. 
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