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Sugar Track & Candy Pet not available



  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,578 Community Hub Moderator
    As @Jelly Jenny directed you to an update on this it is currently going through testing so some players have it while others don't.  I have no clue how long the testing will be so please be patient if you aren't getting them now.
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  • edmiston99edmiston99 Posts: 7 Newbie
    edited June 2019
    This keeps happening to me, and It's pissing me off. It just happened to me again this morning. I pay for gold bars, which pay for the power ups that largely make it possible to keep my build-a-bot at maximum. Something that I have paid for is being take from me. I was like 20 levels in with first time wins. I'd suggest fixing this if you wish to keep a paying customer.
  • ishaqueishaque Posts: 6 Level 2
    my games problem party time booster is  not working since  6 months
  • KhaosKhaos Posts: 523 Level 5
    The bot resets every two weeks.
  • snerbsnerb Posts: 14 Level 2
    If I let 12 hours elapse without logging in I lose my build a bot boosters. So FRUSTRATING!!! I will still not spend money on this ridiculousness though!!
  • edmiston99edmiston99 Posts: 7 Newbie
    Where does it say in the licensing agreement that the bots disappear every 2 weeks? I don't remember seeing that implied implicitly or explicitly.
  • KhaosKhaos Posts: 523 Level 5
    I don't think it says it in the licensing, but there's a large thread about the bot in the ideas section. It was posted by the moderators that it resets every two weeks and they are trying to fix it.
  • edmiston99edmiston99 Posts: 7 Newbie
    Ah. well, I wish they'd do it already. It's likely by design. I can't imagine how that's an accident, and I've done some coding.
  • edmiston99edmiston99 Posts: 7 Newbie
    "Booser Bot is at maximum Booster efficiency, which will last until you lose a level" (or until king decides that you doing too well, and decide to arbitrarily take them from you regardless of the fact that they are technically contractually forbidden from doing so).

  • poppydop123poppydop123 Posts: 3 Newbie
    I recently updated my app only to find that there are no longer any sugar drop levels. Please fix this as sugar drops are an essential part of the game and serve as motivation to continue playing. 
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,604 Candy Moderator
    Hi @poppydop123
    We warmly welcome you to the Friendly King Community's Candy Crush Saga forum.😊

    After updating app, your device should have to restarted and you didn't do that.😉
    Right now, I'm asking you to check the steps below.
    Check App Update again > Log Out Game > Restart Device > Open Game & Log In.
    Check your game & let me know.
  • JaninesillatJaninesillat Posts: 80 Level 3

    Where did my sugar drops go? Bring at the highest level, there’s nothing to play daily anymore. Please give the challenge back.

  • luralura Posts: 0 Newbie

    I don’t have sugar drops to collect.

    I don’t know why all these unpleasant surprises so frequently lately? :(

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 6,651 Soda Moderator
    Accepted Answer

    I’ve lost them too 😒

    Accepted Answer
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