Day 1 competition - Which sweet Candy team are you in? (FINISHED)



  • Stephanie_BolinStephanie_Bolin Posts: 6

    It's mind over matter, I mind so it matters....

    Team Yeti here coming in at lvl 2982. Quit playing for almost a year. Loving the changes and updates. Gotta say my heart is in it again. Go team "Crush" awesome Job.!!!!

  • R4venelibraR4venelibra Posts: 9
    Mr. Toffee 4000+
  • crisse1980crisse1980 Posts: 1
  • jacinta60jacinta60 Posts: 1
    Mr Toffee 4291
  • bharubharu Posts: 1
    My team is Bubble gum troll yeyyyy!!!
  • Giovanna2304Giovanna2304 Posts: 7
    I’m on 5000 levels. I love this game 
  • Elmo05Elmo05 Posts: 1
  • HodgiemamaHodgiemama Posts: 14
    I will join in with team Tiffi
  • HodgiemamaHodgiemama Posts: 14
    Oops just figured out we are supposed to choose based on level...that puts me on Team Bubble Gum.

  • stapleslstaplesl Posts: 7
    Yeti. Level 2722
  • Giovanna2304Giovanna2304 Posts: 7
    I don’t know what time I ‘m
  • sunandapatelsunandapatel Posts: 1
    4000 comming soon
  • HusseindeseanHusseindesean Posts: 1

    And we are off to the races!

    We’ve assigned each iconic Candy character a group of levels and everyone gets to be a part of a selected team! Check your current highest level played, and this will tell you which team you’re in. 

    Which Candy crew are you a member of? Write your team name in the comments below and you have a chance to win 10 Gold Bars.

    Let’s see who has the biggest team!

    5 comments will be randomly picked as winners on the 12th of July. Be sure to take part in all of our level 5000 celebration competitions, and you have a chance of winning exclusive King swag! Find all competitions here. 

    If you do not have a Community account yet, you can sign up here. It will only take few seconds :) 

    Good luck and see you at day 2! 

    Terms and conditions you can find here.

    Hussein de sean happy with candy crush
  • aaimaaaima Posts: 1
    I am playing round # 4776 
  • Giovanna2304Giovanna2304 Posts: 7
    I am on 5045
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