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Claim your well-deserved Milestone Level 8000 Badge!🎖️

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🙌 Welcome to the King Community! No account yet? Sign up right here to participate! 

Hello, Candy Crusher!

Have you reached and completed level 8000 in Candy Crush Saga and would you like to brag about it by getting a Badge?

👉 Celebrate with us your amazing achievement! Add this beautiful badge to your collection by posting a screenshot that shows you have passed level 8000.

For instructions on how to take a screenshot please visit here.

And there's more! We've prepared 2 competitions within the same contest giving chances to all Community members to win some Gold bars!

1st competition:

Everybody can participate here! In the picture above, you can see two Screenshots. You have to say which of those scores belong to @Sukanta_Biswas and which one belongs to @kiara_wael ! 🙃

2nd competition:

On level 8000, can you manage to complete the level scoring between those two? 😊 From 8,921,960 - 8,953,000.

If so, please share your score with us! We will randomly select a total of two winners from among all of you that manage to do that!


1st Competition: from all the correct answers, we will randomly select a total of 4 winners and each will get 20 Gold bars in their Candy Crush Saga game.

2nd Competition: we will randomly select a total of 2 winners from among those who can score between the two scores, each will get 50 Gold bars in their Candy Crush Saga game.

Rules! All players can take part in the first competition, but those who have passed level 8000 will have the opportunity to receive this badge and a chance to win the gold bars in the second contest.

🗓 Dates: you will be able to participate here until March 3rd, 2021

Good luck everyone and happy crushing! 🍬 🍬

Thank you to our Superstars @kiara_wael and @Sukanta_Biswas for creating these competitions and running the level 8000 badges! ⭐️


Get other Milestone badges HERE.

Game terms and conditions can be found here.



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