🍬 Did you know? 😜 (Fun facts about Candy Crush Saga)πŸŽ‰



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    Ashraf said:

    I loved this fun facts πŸ˜ƒ

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    'πŸ”ΆIn 2019 the number of levels of Candy Crash became 5000 levelsπŸŽ‰'

    I'm currently un level 902. It took me a while to get to this level. Imagine me trying to get all the way to 5000. I guarantee that it will take 5 years. I am worried about tracking my scores for that long. What if I become disinterested in the game within 5 years.
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    ...Thank you...
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    That's sooo awesome!!! Wow !!   
     Ha !!  I am stuck, I mean stuck. On level 268.  You get 18 moves. It starts with 9 squares. If you get thru  those ( easy )but then a bomb popz up every move afterwards.    You can't get thru this  per my last 5 days attempting.  Any advice ?????
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