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Where's the co-op challenge gone? (Forgot the name)

liamsjtaylorliamsjtaylor Posts: 1 Newbie
Where's the thing gone where you and another person try to collect a certain amount of Candy and get a chest at the end?


  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,889 Community Manager
    Hi @liamsjtaylor :waving:

    Apologies for missing your question! Extra features like episode races and such are usually not available for 100% of the players. The groups that have these features can also be shuffled and adjusted which means you can have these features at some point.

    But there are some things that we recommend to try to ensure that you have all features you're meant to have. Check out those steps here. 

    I hope you have something equally as sweet and exciting in your game soon!  

  • EyeconicEyeconic Posts: 101 Level 3
    liamsjtaylor , the thing you are talking about is called Dynamic Duo, and it is still in the game. I actually played it earlier, so I can say without a doubt it is still in the game  o:)
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