Fantastic Five

mackem003mackem003 Posts: 67 Level 2
Why don't you just remove this item.
You can never win if only three persons are playing and the other two do not play 
Each game is over a period of 13 days and I've played it more than four times and only 2 or 3 players compete.
If someone is not playing Candy Crush over a period of 13 days he should not be in this game.
Please Candy Crush stop this nonsense 


  • msjerkmsjerk Posts: 431 Level 3
    I don't like it because it doesn't give me credit for passing levels.  I again just passed a hard level, and received no points.  Very annoying!!!!!
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  • mackem003mackem003 Posts: 67 Level 2
    All you people playing Candy Crush 
    With Fantastic five do you get all five persons playing 
    Come on send your comments so Candy Crush do something about it 
  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,899 Community Manager
    Hi @mackem003 :waving:

    Did you know that you can turn off the Fantastic Five feature from you game? you can do that from your in-game settings. See more info here. 

    @msjerk Remember you need to pass new levels in order to get points! 

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  • mackem003mackem003 Posts: 67 Level 2
    Jelly Jenny 

    Yes I know you can turn off the feature.
    But why.
    Candy Crush introduced the feature so they should ensure all members in the Fantastic five are personnel  who frequently play the Candy Crush game.
    If I turn it off then I gave less opportunities to get more supplies to get more levels.
    Cone on Candy Crush do you job 
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