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What I learned after completing 5435 levels in five months

RDMRDM Posts: 14 Level 2

In March 2019, I got the flu and started playing CCS while I was recovering. I couldn’t put the game down. Earlier in August, I completed all levels to 5150 and have been playing new episodes once they appear ever since. Here are the lessons I’ve learned:

1.  The game will often give you the win on the last two or three moves. If you pay close attention, the last move or two will often solve the level. Take your time at the end, especially on levels you’re stuck on. 

2.  Use your boosters as quick as you get them. I didn’t purchase many boosters, maybe a lollipop or two throughout the game. The game seems to set you up to use your booster in hand when you have one. Just go for it. 

3. If you’re stuck on a hard level and can’t pass no matter what you try, put the game down for several hours or a day. For whatever reason, the game seems to want to reward you for playing after a break. It usually lets you beat that stubborn level and settle in for a good little run. 

4. Some levels are great for meeting bonus goals to aquire boosters. Level 1476 for sugar drops, and level 3306 for maintaining your poptastic status. 

5. Level 6 is the best level to load up your bot or spaceship. It’s easy to find, and can often be won in one or two moves. 

6. Lastly, go with your gut, go with your first reaction. This is a left-brained game. You’re subconscious is actually quite good at finding a move that maximizes the turn.  


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