After 5 sweeps to go down to lower levels excelerate speed

TutTut Posts: 91 Level 3
When scrolling down after 5 sweeps make the board move down faster so people playing on large ipads can get down easier.
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  • TutTut Posts: 91 Level 3
    You know no one wants to address this and everybody wants it I was feeling kind of bad that maybe you guys couldn't do it but all of a sudden I realized hey they've got that ability because whenever you win a gold crown the thing rolls up and then rolls back down. And if you can go a few games with the thing rolling back in fourth why can't you do that for us we need it and you're trying to control the way we play.
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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 32,024 Community Hub Moderator

    This is a duplicate idea.  Redirecting to same idea so please vote here.  Closing this message now.

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